Gaming Scholarship Program - Gulab Oils

Gulab Oils is a renowned name in the edible oil manufacturing industry. From 1966, the company is a faithfully fulfilling the requirement of its each and every customer.
The long journey of this edible oil and Cottonseed Oil brand is inspiring, and today’s success is nothing but the whole-hearted dedication and hard work of every single individual working for this company.

When it comes to the quality of healthy edible oils, the name Gulab Oils comes first in the mind of most people.
By manufacturing pure and best quality Soybean Oil and other edible oils, this company has now become one of the most trustworthy brands in this industry.
Apart from oil manufacturing, Gulab Oils is also interested in finding out and help those students who are financially deprived but have great talent.
That is why the company operates a gaming scholarship program in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Eligibility Criteria:
1. You must have not received the Guiab Oils gaming scholarship anytime previously.
2. You must be minimum 18 years of age at the time of program commencement.
3. The applicant must be an exemplary student and must hold a cumulative GPA score of at least 3.9.
4. Applicants must be accepted to the academic institution with a significant course in gaming.
5. You must be a citizen of Australia. Canada. or the US or a permanent resident of the following countries.
6. The applicant must be willing to enroll for a minimum of two consecutive semesters.
7. The applicant must possess at least six months’ experience in the related industry.
8. Applicant must hold approval for a full-time gaming-related post-secondary program for enrolling in a minimum of 4 semesters.
9. You must show interest in continuing education in the gaming industry.
10. You must not be a college or school dropout.
11. Applicants must be either undergraduate students willing to study full-time or high school seniors seeking admission to a university or college.

Steps to Apply:
• We hold all rights to verify the details provided by applicants to us, including name, academic institution, student ID number, study course, and more.
• The Guiab Oils Students Scholarship Review Committee holds a panel of experts who have the sole authority to choose scholarship recipients.
• We will award the scholarship only once. But previous applicants are eligible to re-apply.
• Recipients must agree to provide their photo and award details shared on the website of Guiab Oils.
• We will automatically disqualify applicants whose information is found plagiarized, false or have copyright issues.
• We reserve a full right to amend the rules and regulations for the gaming scholarship program at any time. The only exception is the award amount.