Room 8 Studio Game Design Scholarship Program

Room 8 Studio’s Game Design Scholarship was established with a goal to help aspiring game designers excel in the gaming industry and become leaders in the field and community.

  • Be students or young game design specialists, that aim to pursue a career in the game industry
  • Submit work using a form in the bottom of this page before the deadline
    A submission must include:
  • About the author, short bio and contact details
  • Game idea concept
  • Game genre and setting
  • Gameplay, core game mechanics description
  • Players audience description
  • Nice-to-have sections:
  • Similar games, competitive analysis
  • Main plot and characters, if any
  • Game flow
  • Characters and/or environment concept art
  • Monetization ideas
  • System requirements
  • Prototypes
  • Menus, maps, illustrations and anything else that the author needs to better present the idea

For information please click on the link below:

External Scholarships