John Giorgi Grant

John Giorgi’s mantra for peace of mind and ultimate happiness is giving back to the community and supporting people in distress. John firmly believes that life is far more meaningful if you can contribute to the well-being, and happiness of those around you. He has been providing huge support to the cause of students who are going through a financial crisis and finding it truly challenging to pay for expensive US college education. He has been actively working to help bright and talented students to pursue their dreams of higher education and establish a stable career.

  • The John Giorgi grant applicant could be currently a high school senior scholar registered in a recognized and accredited institution, university, or college.
  • The candidate could even be a freshman or junior, or sophomore, who is enrolled in a well-known and recognized institution, college, or university.
  • The John Giorgi grant applicants must submit the essay to John Giorgi via an email at
    The Essay Topic for the Grant: “What has been the hardest personal experience you have had, and what did you learn from it?"

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