Thomas Law Offices College Scholarship

The rising costs of education are continuing to be a hardship many students struggle to overcome. Our Louisville personal injury lawyers believe that by helping students overcome those struggles, our world can become a brighter place for future generations. This scholarship gives us an opportunity to do just that.

  • Students can be attending or planning to attend any college or graduate school in the United States. The school must be in the U.S.
  • To receive scholarship funds, you must be living in the United States (with a U.S. mailing address) at the time of the scholarship’s due date.
  • All applicants must be attending or plan on attending for their first year.
    Transfer students are also eligible to apply, as long as they are new to the facility they are entering.
  • As proof of your first-year status, you will need to submit a digital copy (PDF or JPG/PNG) of your acceptance letter—complete with the college letterhead—from that college. If you do not have your letter, we also accept other forms of proof, including an email from the college stating you’ve been accepted for your first year, digital transcripts, or a screencap of your first course load.
    To apply, you’ll need to submit a 500+ word essay in response to this quote:
    What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?
    This one will challenge your creativity a bit! You’re free to take any angle you wish.

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