William D King Scholarship

About William D King Scholarship:

  • William D King has come with the scholarship idea to help students in the US, who are talented but do not have the money to fund their higher education in the colleges and
    universities in the country.
  • The reason is obvious. The college tuition fees are very high in America and beyond the reach of middle-class students.


  • Before applying for this Scholarship, he or she must fill up the following details. Make sure the students provide accurate info; else, the application will face rejection.
  • The student to be currently registered at one of the recognized and popular US colleges or universities
  • The candidate must be a sophomore, junior, or even freshman, and a registered graduate.
  • All candidates should write an informative essay of approx, 700-850 words on the subject,
    “What has been the most challenging event in your life, and how did you deal with it and progress.
  • The William D King Scholarship essay requires completion.
  • It must be sent through an email as an attached word file to info@williamdkingscholarship.com.

How to apply for the scholarship:
Make sure that you send all the important details along with their essays in the correct format:

  • Complete Name of the US student
  • Telephone Number or Mobile Number
  • Correct Mailing Address
  • Email ID
  • Date of High School Graduation
  • The name of the University or College the student is currently enrolled or has applied at, or whose application is approved
  • Most current or present GPA
  • Personal Bio-data

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