ATE Ballistic Helmet (Training Fund) Scholarship

We are pleased to offer two scholarships to those looking to start or further their education in the university setting and also for current officers in a training set! We want to help protect this knowledge, and if you complete your schooling or training successfully, HHV will provide a ballistic helmet free of cost

Training Fund ($1,000+ ATE Ballistic Helmet) is for those who are already officers looking to further their training.

To Qualify

  • Must be a full-time police officer.
  • Must show approval by a supervisor to attend training.
  • 1000-word essay on what are the most difficult aspects of your job and how you manage and improve on them?
  • Minimum of three years of LEO service
  • One letter of recommendation.
  • Complete Application Below.
  • Deadline For All College Fund Scholarships (31 MAR & 01 OCT Of The Current Year)

For more information about these scholarship opportunities please visit