Modern Canna Scholarship

Modern Canna Laboratories (Modern Canna) is regarded as Florida’s first medical cannabis laboratory and works directly with licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs) and licensed hemp producers to help ensure that medical marijuana, medical marijuana-derived products, and hemp-derived products are safe for human consumption. Modern Canna’s laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and licensed certified marijuana testing labs (CMTL) in the state of Florida. The Modern Canna Scholarship has been created in an effort to help young scholars achieve their science-oriented academic goals.

You will be asked to complete an online application which includes:

  • General background information (e.g. contact information and details about your current university or college)
  • Resume/CV highlighting degree and current/past experience in related fields
  • Academic transcripts from your current institutions (and prior, if applicable)
  • Responses to one short answer essay question (Refer below)
  • 15 minutes “meet and greet” per shortlist participant

Essay Questions:

  • Create a brief essay that tells us about:
    • What are the medicinal benefits of cannabis?
    • Why is proper laboratory testing of medical cannabis necessary?
    • How will the Modern Canna Scholarship help you achieve your goals?
    • The response to the several questions above should be written in English and be 500 words or less.*

Responses will be based on:

  • 50% = Thoughtfulness of response
  • 30% = Relevance to prompt
  • 15% = Quality of composition
  • 5% = Grammatical accuracy

IMPORTANT: Before starting the application, please have the following ready for upload:

  • PDF copy of your resume
  • PDF copy of your current or most recent transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
  • PDF copy of your two short-answer responses

Friday, Apr 29, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST

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