Blankstyle Scholarship

Blankstyle Scholarship Opportunity #2

  • $1000 to be awarded
  • Apply starting 06/01/2022
  • Deadline 12/31/2022
  • Awarding scholarship 01/31/2023

At we realize the importance of education. Our employees range from artists to content writers, and from programmers to customer service representatives. The commonality with our team is great communication hinging on a solid foundation of education. We understand that in today’s economy it is expensive and challenging to obtain a quality education. As we benefit from our educated team here at, so does the world in that education equates to a brighter future for all who seek it.

The scholarship: In our best effort to provide even more opportunities to more amazing students, we are proud to announce that is now offering $1000 scholarships bi-annually! Our scholarships are ALWAYS 100% FREE to participate in. We are awarding these Merit-based scholarships to be used towards the following education-related expenses.

  • Student Housing
  • Books
  • Tuition
  • School supplies

Qualified Applicants:

  • a high school senior that has been accepted to an accredited university or
  • a current student enrolled in college courses.

Application Requirements

  • Provide basic background information
  • Summarize your accomplishments and aspirations
  • Tell us why you deserve this scholarship and how it will help accomplish your goals
  • Just for fun tell us how t-shirts have played a role in your life

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