Whittel & Melton Magna Carta College Scholarship


• Qualified applicants will be currently enrolled in an accredited College or University (open to graduate students).
• Must attend a college or university the following academic semester.
• Must write an essay, no more than seven paragraphs and 750 words, that answers one of the following questions:

  • How has the Magna Carta shaped your daily life on campus?
  • What is the Rule of Law and why is it important in our daily lives?
  • How has a jury trial has made an impact on you or someone you know?
  • Does a criminal justice system that revolves around plea-bargaining embrace our forefathers’ vision of a right to a jury trial by a group of his or her peers?
  • The Magna Carta is credited with the first mention of “no taxation without representation.” How does this notion apply to contemporary society?

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