Schoolies Scholarship Program

To apply for the scholarship, please submit a 1000 word proposal on the subject matter and concept that sparked your interest. Your submission’s the opening should contain the following information:

  • The applicant’s name and email address
  • Name, cell phone number, and street address
  • School/college/university name, current course of study, and subject of study.
  • An introduction to yourself and the reason for your application.

Essay Requirements:

  • When writing an essay, it should be roughly a thousand words in length and that you may include images that illustrate your concept.
  • The essay must be delivered in Word or Open Office format; PDF files are not accepted.
  • The idea you propose should be original, and any content having plagiarism or duplication of an idea will result in rejection unless the idea has a unique and innovative component.
  • The selections will be based on both the merit of the concept and the candidate as a whole.

External Scholarships