Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Essay Scholarship


The Scholarship opportunity is open to both undergraduate students wishing to go to law school sometime in the future and current graduate/law students.

  • All applicants must be actively enrolled in a U.S. undergraduate, graduate, or law school program.
  • All submissions should contain the authors name, address, phone number, current major and college
  • All entries must be emailed to
  • All entries must be in .pdf format
  • All submissions must be submitted by July 31, 2024.
  • Winner will be announced via our website on August 31, 2024.


  • How will medical malpractice law be affected by the increasing frequency of telemedicine?
  • Will proving liability for malpractice become more difficult, easier, or remain unchanged? Explain.


  • Use a maximum of 1500 words.
  • Specifically answer the question(s) provided.
  • Use caselaw and online articles to support your answer.
  • Proper spelling, grammar, and citations should be used.
  • Any submissions will be scanned for plagiarism

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