LadyLife Scholarship Program for College and High School Students

LadyLife is a blog providing hairstyles and makeup ideas, relationship advice and styling tips for women all around the world. We are incredibly passionate about both cosmetics and beauty, or anything that may help us feel better and more confident in our everyday life, which is the reason why we created this website. To promote learning, we have recently created the LadyLife Scholarship – a scholarship for students from colleges and universities. This is the first year which we have launched this scholarship and we plan to continue for years to come. The more awareness we gain, the more we’ll raise the scholarship.

We are looking for someone who is currently a student at either a high school, college, or a university. Please note that if you are in high school or you are under the age of 18, you are required to receive consent from either your parents or a legal guardian.
Candidate must be a registered student in any approved college university based in United States, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom.US college or graduate school in order to apply for LadyLife Scholarship Program 2018.
In order to apply for LadyLife Scholarship program, students should write a 2000 – 3000 words essay on any topic of women`s beauty and submit it through email to
When writing this paper, you should:
Structure the paper using subheadings where necessary
Make sure it is as complete and thorough as possible
Add citations and references
Make sure that the paper is backed up by highly-reputable sources
Provide a list of every source which you refer to
The article must cover a topic that is appropriate for the site.
The article content must be unique and also contain unique images.
When you are submitting your content, you should also send the following details:
Personal details (e.g. full name, age)
The name of your current school (or college/university)
Your area of study
Documented proof which can be used to prove that you are a student at the school (college or university) which you previously stated
Your email address (which has been assigned to you by your school if applicable.)
Any submissions that are not written in English will be rejected

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