SILVERGAMES STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP wants to open doors for you in the gaming industry. We value creativity and individuality, and seek to support new and diverse voices in digital media and gaming. No matter who they are or where they come from. This annual scholarship is awarded to a student with a passion for games and a critical understanding of its relevance.

To apply, please send in one piece of work. This may be…
- a prototype of a digital game (playable in English)
- an essay on a game-related topic (about 1,500 words)
- a portfolio of concept art and associated gameplay (documented)
Make sure to include your full name and address, name of your university/college and address, your major, expected graduation month & year and your university’s administrator (name, contact details).
Please send all submissions as well as any questions to
All students currently enrolled or about to be enrolled in the coming academic year are eligible for this scholarship.

For more information about this scholarship click the link below:

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