Nursing Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students

About Scholarship:

  • Hispanic and Latino/a students can pursue funding sources that apply specifically to their heritage, but they should also consider scholarships for all nurses.
  • This guide offers advice and lists scholarship opportunities for current and aspiring nursing students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Undergraduate Nursing Scholarships

  • Eligible students can apply to these scholarships for Hispanic students, many of which accept applications from high school students and individuals admitted to, but not yet enrolled in, undergraduate nursing programs.

Graduate Nursing Scholarships

  • The following list includes scholarships for Latino/a and Hispanic students that apply specifically to nursing, as well as scholarships that don’t require Hispanic or Latino heritage.

Who Can Apply:

  • Students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program may apply, with special consideration given to those planning to become a nurse educator, complete an RN-to-MSN bridge program, or enroll in an accelerated program.

External Scholarships