College Fund of Pinellas County, Inc. Scholarship Application

The College Fund of Pinellas County is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization run entirely by volunteers. We raise money in order to help financially disadvantaged Pinellas County residents who have excellent scholastic potential, but insufficient funds to obtain a bachelor’s degree and thereby improve themselves, their family’s living standard, and their role in the community.

Grant recipients receive $1,200 per year. Once a student is selected, remains academically qualified, continues to receive a Pell grant, and continues to carry 12 or more hours, that student is supported until he or she receives a maximum of $4,800 or completes a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for one of our scholarships, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a resident of Pinellas County.

2. Be a citizen of the United States of America.

3. Be eligible to receive a Pell Grant for the upcoming school year.

4. Plan to attend a regionally accredited college or university in the upcoming school year.

5. Plan to be enrolled full time carrying at least 12 credit hours

6. Plan to receive a bachelor’s degree.

7. Have a high school GPA of 2.5 or better OR a college GPA of 2.0 or better.

Please read all items thoroughly and complete this application in its entirety. Failure to provide adequate information is automatic grounds for disqualification. Incomplete or ineligible applications will not be reviewed.

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To be considered for undergraduate scholarships awarded by the College Fund of Pinellas County, Inc., you will need to complete the application found here:

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