Jennifer L. Diggle Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Jennifer L. Diggle Memorial Endowed Scholarship is for the benefit of students at the UCF Daytona Beach center and may be used to pay books, tuition and fees. This is a merit award based on campus involvement.

Applicant must meet “ALL” the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate academic achievement and hold a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Be a current UCF undergraduate, degree-seeking student at the UCF Daytona Beach or Cocoa Centers
  • Enrolled in a minimum of nine (9) semester credit hours for each term the scholarship is awarded
  • Scholarship is awarded in successive semesters until graduation based on meeting criteria and the availability of funds.
  • To renew a recipient must make satisfactory progress toward a degree as described by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and maintaining established scholarship requirements
  • Active in campus activities and/or Student Government

The criteria for awarding the scholarship will be consistent with the guidelines established by the UCF Office of Student Financial Assistance:

Financial Aid recipients please note: awards and scholarships are considered a “resource” and must be included in a student’s financial aid budget. If you are awarded a scholarship that exceeds your financial aid cost, a reduction or payment of financial aid may occur.

$200 - $600
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Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide details about your involvement with Student Government and other activities at the UCF Cocoa or UCF Daytona Beach Center?
  2. Please indicate which UCF campus you are attending.