Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute Doctoral Fellowship

This award will be granted to two superior graduate students who are newly enrolling at UCF in one of it’s doctoral program tracks. These interdisciplinary awards provide multi-year support to the most qualified applicants to the institution.

The mission of the Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute (TJEEI) is to facilitate the development of knowledge and skills necessary to provide educational and clinical services for children and adults with exceptional needs and their families through interdisciplinary research, practice, and partnerships. Research is needed on how the learning sciences- the scientific study of how people learn- can inform how technology is developed and used in school settings. TJEEI helps develop and implement learning resources utilizing technology to embody design principles from the learning sciences. Focusing on the development and implementation of innovations directly aligns with the UCF strategic plan of scale and excellence resulting in impact.

Fellowship Obligations:

  • Maintain good academic standing and acceptable progress to degree
  • Participate in TJEEI fellowship activities
  • Maintain full-time enrollment in a doctoral program (9 credit hours are required during the fall, spring and 6 hours summer)
  • Conduct research aligned with TJEEI mission and vision.

A maximum of four years support. Fellowship is renewed annually based on performance.

Fellowship Description:
Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute provides a $26,000 Fellowship per year—renewed annually for up to four years.

Financial Support:

  • Graduate Assistantship + Fellowship—Fall and Spring $14,000 and Summer $4,500
  • Toni Jennings Fellowship $7,500
  • Tuition and Fees support—Fall, Spring and Summer $6,915
  • Fees (Health fee, athletic fee, building fee, etc.) $1,960

A TJEEI fellow will receive UCF student health insurance through united healthcare and serviced by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk will be provided for your individual coverage for the duration of the award.

1. Complete online application:

2. Submit a letter of support from Program Coordinator indicating admissions to PhD program to: