Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program - Gulab Oils

You must not have received the Gulab Oils graphic and web design scholarship anytime previously. You must be minimum 18 years of age at the time of program commencement. The applicant must be an exemplary student and must hold a cumulative GPA score at least 3.9. The applicant must be accepted to the academic institution with a major course in graphic and web design. You must be a citizen of Australia, Canada, or US or a permanent resident of the following countries.The applicant must be willing to enroll for a minimum of two consecutive semesters. The applicant must possess at ;east six months of experience in the related industry. Applicant must hold approval for a full-time graphic and web design-related post-secondary program for enrolling in a minimum of 4 semesters. You must how interest in continuing education in the graphic and web design industry. You must not be a college or school dropout. Applicants must be either undergraduate students willing to study full-time or high school seniors seeking admission to a university or college.

A 500- 1,000 words typed essay on anyone of the following topics:
*Recent techniques in the field of Graphic and Web Design *Youth from Law Income Groups of Color Don’t Have Access to Safe Areas for Physical Activities * Steps Required by an Adult on National, Community and Personal Level to Overcome Such Conditions

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