Evokefinance Scholarship

We are committed to aiding people, both young and elderly, through their entrepreneurship Journey and into financial success. Financial success is a dream and aspiration for almost everyone. Everyone wants to have made a financial breakthrough by the time they are elderly and do not have the energy to work. We seek to guide various groups of people into an entrepreneurship journey through which they can achieve the much-needed financial success. As such, we will be giving out an annual college scholarship to one person who can illustrate best how Entrepreneurship from one person can impact the society in general. We look forward to the EvokeFinance.com Entrepreneurship Journey Scholarship. We will be awarding a scholarship to one college student that is involved in an entrepreneurship journey and one who demonstrates enough zeal and understanding of the journey. We want a character with a strong drive towards entrepreneurship and one who understand how their efforts can positively impact other people. We are looking for a person with a desire to make a change, not just in his life, but to that of many other people.

A continuing college student or a prospective freshman (to be enrolled (2018-2019) in good academic standing)
Going to any 2 year or 4-year accredited college or university as a full-time student
Complete and submit the application form.
To be used for tuition, boarding, books, and other expenses.
The winner of the scholarship is expected to demonstrate above average understanding and drive on entrepreneurship and all the pertaining aspects.

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