Mary P. McNamara Scholarship Endowment #2

The awards will be available to all undergraduate students, including incoming freshmen and students transferring from community colleges.

The scholarships may be awarded to students who are judged academically meritorious as a result of their scores on the scholastic aptitude test, high school academic GPA, college GPA and other selection criteria deemed appropriate by the selection committee.

Academic merit is the first and predominant criterion in the selection of the recipient.

Financial need will be applied as a selection criterion once the minimum academic criteria have been met.

Previous academic record, leadership qualities, and commitment to an area of study will be used as additional criteria by the selection committee.

The award is intended to be sufficient to cover, at a minimum, tuition and fees for once academic year and will be available, one half in the fall semester and the remainder in the spring. Annual awards may me made to the same student for a total of four years, provided the recipient maintains a grade a point average of at least 3.2

Student Development and Enrollment Services
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload documented record of your leadership qualities.
  2. Are you a previous recipient of this scholarship?